Some members of the Stalenberg-family did lots of research to build up the familyhistory. Up till now there seem to be three branches of the family. Although it could be only one branch, a link between the branches could not be found (yet...), and personally i believe that link will never be found.

A new menuitem is added (march 2007) which shows you all non-Stalenberg familymembers of Stalenberg branch I. Also, all members, Stalenberg and non-Stalenberg, are now clickable.

You can choose (one of) the following familyinformation
11 April 2010: Frans Stalenberg (Gouda)
4 February 2010: John Gerard Stalenberg (Port Macquarie, Australia)
3 February 2010: Graeme Stalenberg (Australia)
27 October 2009: Bert Stalenberg (Netherlands)
29 June 2009: Erik-Jan Stalenberg (Netherlands)
17 March 2007: Carla van der Meer (Netherlands)
29 January 2007: Graeme Stalenberg (Australia)
14 January 2007: Fred Stalenberg (Netherlands)
April 2004: Rob Oerlemans (Australia)
January 2004: Joyce Gaarthuis (Netherlands)
November 2003: Marcellino Stalenberg (Netherlands)
August 2003: John Stalenberg (Australia)
June 2003: Mike Stalenberg (Australia)
First of all, thanks to everyone who helped completing the familytree!

If you have more information -historical or to complete the records of the current families- i would appreciate receiving a message with new information. You can send an e-mail message by clicking here.

For more detailed information of the familytree, select one of the available trees. Then you will see a list of familymembers of that tree. You can select a familymember and view the details of that member.